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Aerial Pesticide Applicator
Agricultural Hemp Seed Registration
Amendment Product Registration
Animal Food Processor
Apiary Registration
Bakery Distributor
CAFO General Permit #1
CAFO Individual Permit
Cannabis Food Processing Establishment
Cannabis Food Storage Warehouse
Cannabis Retail Food Establishment
Christmas Tree Grower
Commercial Feed Registration
Commercial Pesticide Applicator
Commercial Pesticide Operator
Contract Milk Hauler
Conveyance For Transport
Custom Meat Processor
Custom Mobile Slaughter
Custom Stationary Slaughter
Dairy Operator
Dairy Products Plant
Domestic Kitchen Food Processor
Domestic Kitchen Type Bakery
Egg Breaker Permit
Egg Handler Permit
Fertilizer Product Registration
Fluid Milk Distributor
Fluid Milk Producer
Food Processing Establishment
Food Warehouse
Ginseng Dealer
Ginseng Grower
Grain Warehouse
Greenhouse Growers of Herbaceous Plants
HTST Pasteurizer Dairy Operator
Industrial Hemp Grower Registration
Industrial Hemp Handler Registration
Immediately Supervised Trainee
Lime Product Registration
Livestock Auction Market
Livestock Feedlot
Meat Seller
Milk Sampler-Grader
Mineral Product Registration
Non-Alcoholic Beverage Plant
Non-Processing Distributor Grade A
Non-Slaughtering Processor
Nursery Dealers, Florists and Landscapers
Nursery Stock/Collectors of Native Plants
Pesticide Apprentice
Pesticide Consultant
Pesticide Dealer
Poultry and Rabbit Slaughter
Pre-Packaged Meat Seller
Private Applicator
Producer - Distributor Grade A
Public Applicator
Rendering Plant
Refrigerated Locker Plant
Retail Food Establishment
Retail Seed Dealer
Shellfish Commercial Harvester
Shellfish Dist., Shipper, Wholesaler
Shellfish Grower
Shellfish Shucker-Packer
Type A Scale 0-400 lbs
Type B Scale 401-1160 lbs
Type C Scale 1161-7500 lbs
Type D Scale 7501-60,000 lbs
Type E Scale over 60,000 lbs
Type F Service Station Pump
Type G Bulk Petroleum Fuel Meter
Type H Bulk Petroleum Fuel Meter
Type M LPG Meter 1" or under
Type N LPG Meter over 1"
Type O LPG Vapor Meter 1" or under
Type P LPG Vapor Meter over 1"
Type Q Weigh In Motion Railroad Track Scale
Type R Railroad Track Scale Static Weighing
Type W Continuous Weighing under 10 tons
Type X Continuous Weighing 10-150 tons
Type Y Continuous Weighing 151-1000 tons
Type Z Continuous Weighing over 1000 tons
Vat Pasteurizer Dairy Operator
Vet Product Registration
Wholesale Manufacturer Frozen Dessert
Wholesale Seed Dealer

Note that a licensee's mailing name and address may not be the same as location name and address. We provide only mailing name and address unless you check 'Business Location Address' only or 'Both Mailing Address and Location Address' under OPTIONS.

A standard license data order for any license type(s) includes: license type, business name, contact (responsible person) name, mailing address and/or business location address (depending on what is selected under OPTIONS above), quantity and telephone number. Total fee must be paid in advance.