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As of: 10/17/2019
Product Name: 3-15-2 Spectacular Premium Bulb Food Organic and 100% Natural Hand Crafted Blend (10% humic acid)
OMRI Listed: No WSDA Organic Program Listed: No CDFA Listed OIM: No
Product Status Brand Name Waste Derived Pesticide
Cancelled by Registrant 12/31/2018 Dr. Earth No No
Registrant: DR EARTH COMPANY - WINTERS, CA (707) 448-4676
Heavy Metals (in Parts Per Million)
Arsenic: 0.25 Cadmium: < 0.05 Mercury: < 0.02 Lead: 4.0 Nickel: 9.6
Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen: 3% Avail. Phosphate: 15% Sol. Potash: 2%
Calcium: 5% Magnesium:   Sulfur:  
Boron:   Chlorine:   Cobalt:  
Copper:   Iron:   Manganese:  
Molybdenum:   Sodium:   Zinc:  
Non Plant Food Ingredients
Humic Acid Indole3 Butyric Acid Naphthaleneacetic Acid Phosphorous Acid
Kelp Vitamin B1 Polyacrylamide Potting Mix
Microbial(s) Bacillus subtilis 1430 propagules/cc
Bacillus cereus 1430 propagules/cc
Bacillus megaterium 1430 propagules/cc
Azotobacter vinelandii 75 propagules/cc
Lactobacillus acidophilus 1430 propagules/cc
Rhizobium japonicum 750 propagules/cc
Aspergillus oryzae 75 propagules/cc
Pisolithus tinctorius 211,864 propagules/cc
Rhizopogon villosuli 5,296 propagules/cc
Rhizopogon luteolus 5,296 propagules/cc
Rhizopogon amylopogon 5,296 propagules/cc
Rhizopogon fulvigleba 5,296 propagules/cc
Glomus intraradices 42 propagules/cc
Glomus mosseae 42 propagules/cc
Glomus aggregatum 42 propagules/cc