Animal Health & Identification Program:

- Licenses
  Livestock Feedlot Rendering Plant
  Conveyance For Transport Livestock Auction Market
  Animal Rescue Entity

- Brand Inspector

- Available Livestock Brands

- Commercial Feed Registrations

- Veterinary Product Registrations

- Search for Commercial Feed & Veterinary Products
   (by Company Name, Product Name, Brand)

Market Access & Certification Program:

- Licenses
  Grain Warehouse Retail Seed Dealer
  Wholesale Seed Dealer

Food Safety Program:

- Licenses
  Fluid Milk Producer Producer - Distributor Grade A
  Fluid Milk Distributor Non-Processing Distributor Grade A
  Refrigerated Locker Plant Bakery
  Bakery Distributor Domestic Kitchen Type Bakery
  Non-Alcoholic Beverage Plant Egg Handler Permit
  Egg Breaker Permit Retail Manufacturer Frozen Dessert
  Wholesale Manufacturer Frozen Dessert Dairy Operator & Milk Sample Grader
  Dairy Products Plant Contract Milk Hauler
  Animal Food Processor Meat Seller
  Poultry and Rabbit Slaughter Slaughterhouse
  Non-Slaughtering Processor Custom Stationary Slaughter
  Custom Mobile Slaughter Custom Meat Processor
  Food Processing Establishment Retail Food Establishment
  Food Warehouse Vat Pasteurizer Dairy Operator
  HTST Pasteurizer Dairy Operator Prepackaged Meat Seller
  Shellfish Shucker-Packer Shellfish Grower
  Shellfish Distributor, Shipper, Wholesaler Shellfish Commercial Harvester
  Cannabis Food Processing Establishment Cannabis Food Storage Warehouse
  Cannabis Retail Food Establishment  

Information Office:

  - Agricultural Resources Directory
  Search by type of organization, organization title, city, and/or state.

Weights & Measures Program:

- Licenses
  Scale Type A 0-400 lbs. Continuous Weighing Type W under 10 tons
  Scale Type B 401-1160 lbs. Continuous Weighing Type X 10-150 tons
  Scale Type C 1161-7500 lbs. Continuous Weighing Type Y 151-1000 tons
  Scale Type D 7501-60,000 lbs. Continuous Weighing Type Z over 1000 tons
  Scale Type E over 60,000 lbs. Service Station Pump Type F
  LPG Meter Type M 1" diameter or under Bulk Petroleum Fuel Meter Type G
  LPG Meter Type N over 1" diameter Bulk Petroleum Fuel Meter Type H
  Weigh In Motion Railroad Track Scale Type Q LPG Vapor Meter Type O 1" or under
  Railroad Track Scale Static Weighing Type R LPG Vapor Meter Type P over 1"

Natural Resources Program:

- Licenses
  CAFO General Permit #1
  Confined Animal Feeding Operation(Individual)

Pesticides Program:

- Pesticide Related Licenses
  To search for an individual person or company in the licensing database, you will need to select the type of license the person or buisiness hold. If you are not familiar with pesticide license type, you can review our Pesticide License Descriptions to determine which type of license the person or company holds. The alternative method is to search under each license type or for the specific company or individual.
  Pesticide Dealer Pesticide Consultant
  Commercial Pesticide Operator Commercial Pesticide Applicator
  Public Pesticide Applicator Private Pesticide Applicator
  Immediately Supervised Pesticide Trainee Pesticide Apprentice
  Aerial Pesticide Applicator  
- Pesticide Certification Tests
- Pesticide Documents
- Pesticide Credit Hour Reports
- Pesticide Product Registrations
  Search by company name: provides a listing of pesticide products registered by a specific company.
  Search by product name or EPA Registration Number.
- Pesticide Applicator Recertification Classes
  Search by any number of fields (Date searches provides the most complete results). Be sure to enter dates using the 4-digit year.
- Fertilizer - Related Registrations
  Fertilizer Registration Agricultural Lime Registration
  Agricultural Mineral Registration Agricultural Amendments

Plant Program:

- Nursery and Christmas Tree Licenses and Hemp Registrations
  Nursery Dealers, Florists and Landscapers Greenhouse Growers of Herbaceous Plants
  Nsy Stk. Growers & Collectors of Native Plants Christmas Tree Grower
  Apiary Registration Agricultural Hemp Seed Registration
  Industrial Hemp Handler Registration Industrial Hemp Grower Registration
  Hemp Grow Site Hemp Handler Registration by Reciprocity
  Hemp Research Grower

- Phytophthora Ramorum Free Nurseries List
See what licenses are issued by the Oregon Deptartment of Agriculture (and how many)

NOTE: These databases are updated weekly.
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